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This new high-speed adventure's plot depends on which team you choose. Team Sonic (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles) get a letter from Eggman saying that they only have 72 hours until Eggman unleashes his new and improved Metal Sonic doomsday device on the world. Meanwhile, Rouge is flying around and finds Shadow (yes, he's back!) and E-123 Omega capsulized. Omega is furious that Eggman disposed of him, and Shadow is rendered of all memory, and he wants after Eggman to find out what really happened to himself. Thus, Team Dark is made. Amy reads about Sonic going after Eggman in the newspaper. Amy is mad at Sonic because she wasn't brought along. Big The Cat is once again on the lookout for his frog Froggy, and Cream The Rabbit is looking for Chocolate, Cream's Chao's twin. Here comes Team Rose! Team Chaotix (Vector, Espio, and Charmy) has formed a detective agency and has been offered a huge pay if they investigate a mysterious case. Vector sees this as an opportunity to outsmart Eggman and get revenge on him after they all got captured in "Knuckles Chaotix".
Sonic and his pals are back, and this time, they bring a whole new definition to the meaning of teamwork. Tails and Knuckles finally catch up with Sonic when they find him touring the globe as usual, and they pass him a letter from his Arch-enemy, Doctor Eggman. It appears that the Doc has planned another one of his outrageous schemes, and threatens to use his new weapon in three days to conquer the world. Though Tails seems a bit worried about all this, whereas Knuckles doesn't seem to be worried at all, Sonic plainly shows a brief flicker of a smile and then zooms off into the distance, saying that this is one party that he won't wanna miss! Meanwhile, government spy, Rouge the Bat, breaks into Eggman's base, intent on finding this secret treasure she's been hearing about. The only treasure she found was a capsule housing the figure of Shadow, who was not exactly dead as we all thought. In order to release Shadow, Rouge accidently activated the last of the E-Series robots, E-123 Omega. Omega and Shadow began to fight, but the battle was soon halted by Rouge. She then figured out that Omega was angry at Eggman for sealing him in the room, and Shadow was suffering from a severe case of amnesia. Therefore, Rouge proposed that they all look for Eggman together, and get their vengeance. In another part of the globe, Amy Rose was feeling upset, for she hadn't seen her hero Sonic for what seemed like forever. However, when she saw his picture in a newspaper article, she headed straight for the printers to find out where it was taken. When she arrived, she encountered Big the Cat and Cream the Rabbit. Big was looking for Froggy, and Cream was looking for her Chao's twin, Chocola, both of whom were in the picture with Sonic. Since their goals were clearly the same, Amy convinced the two that they continue their search together. It was around this time when the Chaotix Detective Agency was finally given more work that they could get started on. Charmy Bee had excitedly brought in a package, containing a tansmitting device which promised them a hefty sum of money if they were willing to take on a case. Espio the Chameleon felt a bit uneasy about this, due to the strange method of communication, so it's up to their boss, Vector the Alligator, to make the decision. With dollar signs in his eyes, Vector didn't think twice about taking on this job, especially if there was money involved. So the three were off to solve the case. Now that you've heard all the stories, which team will you choose? Will you find Froggy, Chocola and Sonic with Team Rose? Will you solve the case and get your money with Team Chaotix? Will you destroy Eggman's weapon and save the world with Team Sonic? Or will you destroy Eggman himself with Team Dark? The choice is yours, but remember, it's all about Teamwork.
Sonic Heroes is a horrible-2D-animated game made while Sonic Team was on crack they made this piece of crap seriously this game has bad graphics, horrible gameplay, bad control-accuracy and horrendously-stupid storyline and some funny cutscenes but mostly unfunny due to how awful this game is.<br/><br/>The game starts with Sonic running around a desert-type place, then Tails gives him a card to come and defeat Eggman. Then it&#39;s up to them to do it and defeat eggman. What a sh** load of f***. This game has a lot of plot holes, no required-possibilities.<br/><br/>I hate this stupidity, awfulness and unfunny game, worst sonic game in years.
Sonic Heroes came out in 2003 and is the possible follow up to Sonic Adventure 2, the game is not bad, but not great either, the game is in the middle. The game has many design flaws and glitches but somehow keep it fresh for it&#39;s target audience: Sonic fans. Here&#39;s why this game is OK The story is OK, the story starts depending which Team you choose, let&#39;s start With the obvious one, Sonic. Sonic and his friends Tails and Knuckles gets a Message from Dr Eggman that he is gonna take over the world once again and destroy them, Sonic and the others Accept the Message and goes on a mission to destroy all his robots and take him Down, while Team Dark on the other hand, takes a Whole New route, Rouge the Bat locates Dr Eggman&#39;s Secret base and finds Shadow who somehow survived his fall in SA2, but one of Eggman&#39;s creations, E123 Omega tries to kill Shadow but somehow fails because Rouge decides to destroy Eggman With both of them, Shadow has amnesia and Omega has been locked in the base for many years and you know the rest.<br/><br/>Team Rose&#39;s story is bad. Amy Rose, Cream and Big the Cat need to track Down Sonic so she can marry him and receive Froggy and Chocoloa that he stole from them which isn&#39;t true, Eggman did it, and they stop him. Team Chaotix is good, BTW this team is from the Sega 32x game Knuckles Chaotix. Vector, Charmy and Espio get a walkie-talkie and starts a Journey to track Down Eggman to receive Money and get Rich, of course when they finally track him, because all the other Eggman&#39;s where robot duplicates, he is being locked inside, and he tells them that Metal Sonic did all this, and every team must stop Metal Sonic before he destroys the world.<br/><br/>Enough of the story, the gameplay is a 3d platformer With the formula of a 2d Sonic game, 2 stages then a Boss fight With Eggman. A New feature for this game is the Team switching mechanic, and it&#39;s pretty good, it&#39;s useful for the platforming of the game. The platforming is a lot of fun but can be frustrating due to it&#39;s tiresome design.<br/><br/>The Graphics are detailed and beautiful, some of the best looking Sonic games in my opinion. The Controls are good but sometimes, they can be slippery, but that&#39;s pretty rare. The Levels themselves are pretty good but some are annoying like Casino Park and Final Fortress.<br/><br/>The difficulty for each Team is OK, sometimes the Levels take too long especially when you&#39;re playing Team Dark and Team Sonic, but all teams are a lot of fun.<br/><br/>Then there&#39;s the problems. The game&#39;s special stages are horrible, as the Control in these stages are unbearable and it&#39;s Waste of time. The game is full of glitches, like characters flipping out, Moon jump and dying for no reason and the design is clunky and some of the bosses were too easy, but that&#39;s all Sonic Heroes is an OK game With great Graphics, fun gameplay and btw a pretty decent soundtrack, but the story, glitches, design, Special stages and the overall game is not that good, i Recommend it only for the die hard fans of Sonic. OK game<br/><br/>6/10

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