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Jeff Randall and Marty Hopkirk are private detectives who specialize in divorce cases. Their long-running partnership seems to come to an abrupt end when Marty is killed by a hit-and-run, but Marty is soon back–as a ghost–to help solve his own murder. While he's doing it, he misses his chance to go to heaven, thanks to an ancient curse that states: "Before the sun shall rise, each ghost unto his grave must go. Cursed be the ghost who dares to stay and face the awful light of day." So Marty is stuck on Earth, as a white-suited spirit whom only Jeff can see, continuing their partnership and keeping (jealous) tabs on his wife/widow, Jean.
The last time I've seen this show was on re-runs in the 70's, approximately 1977. Hard to forget the show. Great theme song, beautiful girl, fabulous 60's, and a unique situation. To others who couldn't see Marty, Jeff was often seen talking to himself, making for some hilarious moments. I would love to see, or own, the series again.
The positive reviews for this show were nearly all written by people who had memories of having seen this series as a child. I too can wax poetic about Gilligan&#39;s Island but that doesn&#39;t make it Chekov – The fact is this series is dreadful. The concept is good and should provide lots of fodder for episodes, but the writing, acting and production is too amateurish and simplistic.<br/><br/>The cheap production values almost make it a candidate for cult status but the cheesiness isn&#39;t quite enough to work: visible wires, the movement of actors between stop takes for the ghost to disappear, the same extras used over and over (in one scene an old lady appears in two different hats and a fur coat exiting a theatre), and obvious two dimensional pictures outside windows of street scenes and buildings.<br/><br/>The no-name actors are so stiff and unfunny I was unaware this series was supposed to be a comedy until the 3rd episode. Not that I feel lead actors should always be young and handsome, but the lead actor who plays the living detective is also in shockingly bad shape for a 38 year old - he looks 50! <br/><br/>The far fetched story lines echo some of the great sci-fi Brit series of the period, from The Prisoner to The Avengers, but there is no originality or thought put into the episodes by the writers to try to make the stories credible. The episodes always rely on some far fetched scheme by some master criminal that uses some inexplicable technology or parapsychology to steal a secret formula, from body doubles and hypnosis to cross dressing and machines that make things fly around the room. The problem is in this case the writers were in way over their head and had no idea how to maintain that kind of creative writing. They should have stuck to simple murders and robberies.<br/><br/>Probably the best episode I saw (I could only manage 6 episodes before I had to turn it off) involved a murder of a mind reader in a music hall. The story is given away at the very beginning when a &#39;lady&#39; from the audience is asked to load a bullet into a gun. The lady is 6 foot 3 inches tall and has 5 o&#39;clock shadow…

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